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Whatlington, Battle, East Sussex (Near Hastings)

Why we use Bosch components

Many people believe we primarily use Bosch components due to being a Bosch Car Service garage when in fact it was the other way around. Historically Whatlington Garage has always tried to fit quality, reliably components over their cheaper counterparts and as part of this strategy Bosch components appeared time and time again. Due to our love of Bosch quality and the increased use of Bosch spark plugs, wiper blades, batteries and electronics/sensors we believed becoming a Bosch Car Service garage to be the best approach and have never looked back.

Not only do Bosch consistently produce reliable, quality items that adhere to the complete OEM standards for the vast majority of cars and vans on the UK roads, but they are also one of the few manufactures that create components for car makers directly. You will often find Bosch components such as spark plugs, sensors, electronics etc fitted to brand new cars. If it’s good enough for a car maker to use, then it means its good enough to fit to our customers vehicles.

We do supply and fit a whole range of other components from places such as NGK and Valeo too even down to fitting genuine OEM parts where the need arrises, our primary goal is to ensure any work or repair uses the best possible components not only to suit the customers budget but to ensure reliability and trust with that part and for us, Bosch allows us to do this. If your vehicle is in for repair and you wish for us to use Bosch (or any other make) please do just ask, we are always happy to work with the customs requests.

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