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Brake & Clutch Repair & Replacement

Your brakes and clutch are considered important component of your car and it is important that they are kept in good working condition in order to remain safe on the roads. Both the brakes and the clutch undergo considerable wear as you drive the vehicle and will require repair and replacement during the life of the vehicle.


The braking system on most vehicles can be a complex setup with a range of components. We carry out brake inspections on all servicing, specifically looking at the wear & tear on the brake discs, pads and shoes. There are also components which can fail over time such as Calipers, Wheel Cylinders and ABS Pumps.

We are able to diagnose and repair virtually all brake issues inc MOT fail and electrical problems. Whether you have a sticking brake, poor handbrake or an electrical fault on your ABS we can assist in getting your vehicle back to working order.

Did you know that your Brake Fluid absorbs water (hygroscopic) over time and dramatically loses its efficiency. Most manufacturers recommend that the brake fluid is replaced every 24 months to ensure optimal safe breaking.
  • Brake Discs
  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Shoes
  • Brake Calipers
  • Brake Cylinders
  • Brake Drums
  • ABS Pumps
  • Brake Pipes
  • Brake Fluid Change


The clutch controls the transfer of power from your engine through to your gearbox and enables to change gear and adjust the level of power sent through to your wheels. Due to the nature of a clutch, it takes a lot of wear & tear as you drive and eventually will require replacement or repair.

A faulty clutch can cause a wealth of problems including being stuck in or out of gear, a lack of power or develop a range of noises. We are in a great position with in house specialists who can diagnose clutch issues, replace clutch parts including the main clutch assembly, dual mass flywheels and also repair many clutch problems.

If your clutch develops a noise, smell or begins to slip when accelerating this is a sign to get it checked as soon as possible before the vehicle becomes immobile. We are always happy to take a look and give advice where possible.
  • Clutch Kits
  • Flywheels & Dual Mass Flywheels
  • Clutch Master Cylinders
  • Clutch Slave Cylinders
  • Clutch Hydraulics
When looking at clutch quotes and estimates, it’s always worth checking they have included a 2 piece or 3 piece clutch kit and not just the pressure plate. We always fit full clutch kits as part of our quotations (where possible).

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