Gatebox Engineering Ltd Cookie Policy

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Cookie Policy

A cookie is a chunk of information sent by a web server to a clients web browser. where the web browser stores it on the clients device. Each time the web browser requests a page from the server the cookie information is sent back to the server. This enables the web server to pass data between page requests and track a web browser.

There are two types of cookies we may use on this website, these are “session” cookies and/or “persistent” cookies.

Session cookies keep track of you whilst you navigate around our website such as monitoring and supporting your progress through our booking system or keeping anonymous statistics on how many pages you visited on this occasion. A session cookie is deleted from your computer when you close your browser (or within 30 minutes)

Persistent cookies are used to enable our website to recognise choices you made for future use, for example if you opt for our booking system to remember your details then a persistent cookie will be used. A persistent cookie will remain stored on your computer for a long period of time when they reach a specified expiry date.

We use Google Analytics to monitor and analyse the way our visitors use the website. Google Analytics generates anonymous information using cookies about our visitors and how they interact with our website. The information is then used to generate anonymous reports & statistics as well as identifying trends. The information is stored on Google controlled system as per their privacy policy

Most web browsers allow you to control how you want cookies to work on your system and include the option to reject all cookies. Blocking cookies will have a negative impact on the functions of most websites, for example our booking system may not behave as intended on a browser with disabled cookies.

Disabling Cookies

What Cookies Do We Use

We try to use as few cookies as possible but where we do use cookies we will keep this section updated with the name of each cookie and its purpose. We believe being upfront and transparent with how we use data & cookies to make our website work.

1. Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor our website traffic, discover trends and improve our website. Google Analytics uses 4 core cookies to generate the data it uses. All the data collected via Google Analytics is transferred via HTTPS to ensure it is encrypted and remains fully anonymous.

utma – This cookie tracks the number of times a user has been to our website, the date of the first visit and the date of their last visit. It is a persistent cookie with a long expiry date.

utmb & utmc – These cookies work in unison to calculate how long a user has been active on our site. The cookie utmb takes a timestamp when a user first visits the site and utmc will take a timestamp when you leave our website. The utmb expires immediately after leaving the website and utmc typically expires within 30 minutes.

utmz – This cookie is used to track the users source, for example what search term they used to find this website, what keywords they used or what website they clicked our link on.

2. Appointlet

We use a system called Appointlet for managing our online bookies, this system will create a few cookies in order to function correctly.

jsessionid – This is a persistent cookie which holds all the session data, it is also used to hold your form details if you opt to save them for future use.

ljs_lang – This cookie holds all the language settings for the application to ensure that as you progress through the form the language remains the same.