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Tyres & Tracking

You only have one point of contact between your vehicle and the road, your tyres!

Regardless of how you drive, your tyres will undergo many changes, challenges and problems. Ensuring your tyres are kept legal with the right tread will help you stay safe on the roads.

Keeping on top of your tyres & suspension will help you stay safe on the roads in all weather conditions, improve your ride comfort and combat any unnecessary wear & tear.

Whether you need a new tyre, a set of wheels balanced or 4 wheel alignment. We have a range of products and services to assist.

New Tyres

Over time your tyres will wear down and require replacement so it is important to keep on top. When the time comes for a tyre to be replaced, whether that be due to worn tread, feathering, pothole damage or cracking we are able to offer a complete range of options.

All of our tyres are brand new (we don’t sell part worn tyres) and we offer everything from a budget tyre to keep you on the road, through to high performance premium tyres. If however your driving style, location or preferences are a bit different we can still help.

So whether you require a budget van tyre, a runflat tyre or a set of all season tyres suitable for European driving, we can help.
  • Car Tyres
  • 4X4 Tyres
  • Van Tyres
  • SUV Tyres
  • Runflat Tyres
  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All Season Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • Low Friction / EV Tyres
Nexen TyresBridgestone TyresContinental  TyresYokohama TyresRiken TyresPirelli TyresGoodyear TyresAvon TyresDunlop TyresMichelin TyresHankook TyresFirestone Tyres

Other Tyre Services

Whether you need to get your wheels balanced, a puncture repaired or simply have the tread depth or pressures checked.
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Puncture Repairs
  • Air Pressure Checks
  • Tyre Health Check
  • TPMS Fault Finding
  • TPMS Valve Replacement

Wheel Alignment / Tracking

For the entire history of motor vehicles it has been paramount that the wheels are aligned correctly, e.g. they point the right way!

Over time, the suspension setup of vehicles has rapidly increased in complexity. Modern steering and suspension setups are designed for comfort, performance and handling. Due the nature of said setups, it is incredibly easy for their geometry to become out of alignment.

Each vehicle manufacture will have a set of measured tolerances for the steering and suspension that components must be within. Over the course of driving your vehicle these components will move and come out of alignment causing the vehicle to drift, wear tyres, drive uncomfortably or loose some of it’s handling ability.

We have the tools and experience to carry out a complete 4 wheel alignment providing a before and after printout on the latest 3D 4 wheel alignment system.

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