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Airbag Systems

Just like your engine and braking system, the airbag system will also carry out a pre-start check and illuminate a warning light if a problem is found. A fault can occour anywhere in the system and once found the light will illuminate to show the driver a fault exists.

There are many causes of an air bag light illuminating including faulty controllers, wiring issues, crash sensors and the airbags themselves. We are able to run full diagnostics to trace the issue.

It’s important to remember that whilst your airbag light is on you will be able to drive your vehicle, and probably notice nothing wrong BUT your airbag and safety systems will not deploy! As soon as you notice an illuminated air bag light you should get this checked with us immediately as your safety is compromised.

MOT Regulations

As of March 2013 new regulations where introduced which mean for your vehicle to pass an MOT the airbag light has to illuminate and then turn off to prove the vehicle has done it’s self check. If yours doesn’t then your vehicle will fail.

Airbag Diagnostics

If your airbag light has come on, we have the tools available to delve into the system, retrieve the fault codes and then trace the problem

Airbag Repair

We are able to repair most aspects of an air bag system, from a broken wire, faulty crash sensor or steering squib.

Accident & Crash Damage

When a vehicle is involved in an accident and the airbags are deployed it becomes a specialist job to carry out the repair. Data from the crash or accident is stored within the airbag ECU and will require the ECU to be reset before repairing the airbags. 

Unfortunately this isn’t something we currently offer and would recommend contacting your nearest accident repair or airbag specialist.

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