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Timing Belts / Cambelts

The timing belt (also known as a cambelt) is possibly one of the most essential parts of your vehicles engine. It’s sole and very crucial job is to keep the top and bottom of the engine in sync.

The cambelt ensures that the precision valves within the top of the engine open and close in sync with the bottom of the engine. Ensuring this sequence of events is running exactly on time allows the engine to run smoothly and efficiently.

If this timing is disturbed for any reason it can result in a loss of power, lumpy running and poor starting. If the timing goes out too much, or the cambelt fails the end result is catastrophic for the engine, often resulting in damage costing thousands to repair.

Vehicle manufactures will have set time and mileage limits for their timing belts which should be kept to ensuring the risk of belt failure is at it’s lowest. We only fit full kits ensuring any tensioners and pulleys are also changed at the same time.

We supply and fit timing belt kits to virtually all makes and models of cars, please use our estimate request form to get a no obligation fixed price quote on renewing your timing belt.

Water Pumps

On most vehicles, the water pump is powered by the timing belt. Due to the labour involved and warranty purposes we fit new water pumps at the same time within our pricing. This is to ensure that every failure point is covered with a single visit to us and helps us provide an inclusive warranty on all components

Timing Chains

Some vehicles are powered by a timing chain instead of a belt. These are considered *for life* and are only changed when developing a noise or similar timing issue.

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