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3D Wheel Alignment

For the entire history of motor vehicles it has been paramount that the wheels are aligned correctly, e.g. they point the right way!

Over time, the suspension setup of vehicles has rapidly increased in complexity. Modern steering and suspension setups are designed for comfort, performance and handling. Due the nature of said setups, it is incredibly easy for their geometry to become out of alignment.

Each vehicle manufacture will have a set of measured tolerances for the steering and suspension that components must be within. Over the course of driving your vehicle these components will move and come out of alignment causing the vehicle to drift, wear tyres, drive uncomfortably or loose some of it’s handling ability.

We have the tools and experience to carry out a complete 4 wheel alignment providing a before and after printout.

The 3D Wheel Alignment System

We are currently equipped with the latest 3D four wheel alignment system, using state of the art 6 camera setup the geometry of the car is scanned to incredible detail allowing the technicians to bring any adjustable items as close to factory tolerances as possible.

Not all cars can be fully adjusted but the setup is able to show the geometry, if this geometry is out and not adjustable it can often be an early sign of a component fail or damage.

3D 4 Wheel Alignment
£96.00 inc front adjustments

2 Wheel (Front) Alignment
£48.00 inc adjustments

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should I get my vehicle checked for wheel alignment?
The accepted industry standard is to get your wheel alignment checked every 10-15,000 miles or as part of your annual service. However there are some exceptions to this, for example if you knowingly hit a kerb, pothole or obstruction, you are in a collision or you have new tyres fitted.

Q. Are there any symptoms to look out for?
Whilst wheel alignment can be out without initially noticing, there are some signs you may notice. For many the first sign of an issue is the steering wheel not sitting straight or the car pulls to either the left or right when holding the steering straight. You may also notice that the wear on the tyres isn’t equal, for example the inside edge of the tyre may be wearing quicker than the outer edge (or vice versa).

Q. Do I get any printout or information for my records?
For each 4 wheel alignment check we carry out on our 3D wheel alignment machine we print out a graphical information sheet showing the before and after results of your alignment.

The printout uses clear, easy to read graphics which show the various points of alignment checks with their before and after. The wheel alignment printouts use a clear red, amber, green setup to help visually see the improvement.

Q. What is the difference between 2 wheel and 4 wheel alignment?
2 Wheel alignment otherwise known as front wheel alignment only checks the front wheels of a car. With 4 wheel alignment the entire car is checked to ensure the correct alignment across all 4 road wheels.

As a rule of thumb, any 4 wheel drive, cars with independent suspension on each wheel or those with adjustable rear suspension should be checked on 4 wheel alignment machines. In some circumstances other cars are checked on 4 wheel machines despite not being adjustable, for example after accident damage repair.

Q. What equipment do you use?
For all of our 4 wheel alignment we use the latest wheel alignment machines. Our current machine is a 3D wheel alignment system that uses 6 procession cameras to view the geometry with incredible accuracy.

Q. What is measured on a wheel alignment check?
Wheel alignment machines are not the same, with the 3D 6 camera systems we use the entire alignment geometry is checked. When booking a wheel alignment it is always advised to ask how many points are measured to ensure a full wheel alignment is done.

Our 3D machine will check Camber, Caster, Toe, Thrust Angle, Steer Ahead and more. You will receive a full printout detailing all checked points including before and after graphics.

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