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What is a DPF filter?

Most diesel cars from 2007 onwards will be fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), the filter is part of the exhaust system and is designed to capture the soot particles before they leave the system thus reducing the exhaust emissions.

DPF filters were introduced as a means of controlling the emissions from diesel vehicles and ever since 2009 the Euro 5 ruling has been in force that stipulates all diesel cars must be fitted with a diesel particulate filter.

The filter works by acting as a physical trap for the particles that would otherwise come out the back of your vehicle. Just like any other filter it requires cleaning to ensure the flow of exhaust gas remains and that it doesn’t get blocked with ash.

Luckily there is a procedure in place whereby the vehicle will self clean the DPF (DPF Regen or DPF Regeneration) as you drive but this has limitations and can be prone to problems. When one of these limitations is hit or a problem occurs this is when we can help.
DPF Filter

DPF Regeneration

DPF Regeneration
Sometimes your DPF is unable to regen by itself. Quite often this is due to other faults being present on the vehicle. We have the diagnostic tools to resolve any faults which may stop a regeneration and then force a regeneration procedure on your car.

DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning
If your DPF is beyond being regenerated due to be full or above the parameters for a DPF regen we can clean the DPF. This doesn't always work but can be considered a cheaper alternative to entire DPF replacement.

DPF Replacement

DPF Replacement
Sometimes the DPF is just at the end of its usable life and requires replacement. Once other options are considered and/or tried the only option remaining is to replace the filter. We have the diagnostic tools to replace the DPF filter and tell the car a new one is fitted, resetting all the stored parameters.

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