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We Use Bosch Wiper Blades

We understand that your safety is the important part of owning and operating a car and thus being able to see clearly, even in the heaviest of rain is essential.

We hold stock of the common Bosch blades and where possible will supply and fit Bosch blades when required e.g. for MOT fail work, safety checks or servicing.

Bosch has the complete range of wiper blades for cars, including upgrade options for some older vehicles, enabling the benefits of Bosch`s latest technology to be applied to older vehicles as well.

Consistent visibility throughout the wiper blades lifetime is essential for safety, and this is where Bosch wipers excel.
Bosch Wiper Blade

Lets see why Bosch wipers consistently perform so well

Easy To Fit

Bosch Wiper Blades are designed to fit directly to the vehicle whether its a normal hook arm or a speciality fitting.

OEM Standard

The vast majority of new cars come factory fitted with Bosch Wiper Blades , so why settle for anything less!

Long Lasting

The quality of materials and construction on Bosch Wipers mean they last much longer than most cheaper blades
Bosch Wiper Cold Weather

Better performance in cold weather

Bosch wipers are proven to perform better and for longer. Cold temperatures can reduce the flexibility of the rubber and cause juddering as the wiping edge of the blade does not flip back and forth. Bosch’s patented technology overcomes this problem.
Bosch Wiper Lifespan

Better performance throughout the life span of the blade

Bosch wiper blades continue to work at their optimum performance levels for longer due to the patented technology that goes into the blade.

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