Getting your car serviced whilst in warranty

November 17, 2017
Getting your car serviced whilst in warranty

Many people are led to believe that their new vehicles warranty will be void if they don’t get the vehicle serviced at the main dealers. However in 2003, one of the European laws known as Block Exemption was updated so that any independent garage can now carry out your cars service without it effecting the vehicles warranty. Any service with us will use OE *original equipment* quality parts thus meaning your vehicle warranty is protected.

The first thing you need to know is there are two main forms of warranty seen in the UK at the moment, the first is your vehicles default warranty, given to you when you purchase the vehicle. This warranty is the type that remains intact as long as the service is carried out according to the options below.

  • Any servicing is carried out to the manufactures guidelines
  • OE Quality parts are used
  • Oil and Lubricants meet manufactures specification

The other type of warranty is known as an extended warranty, normally sold as a package or an extension after your main warranty has finished. These are sold as bundles, packages or deals and WILL stipulate the car is serviced with the warranty provider. Unfortunately due to these being sold separately to the vehicle we wont be able to service the vehicle.

The good news is that the extended warranties are something you have a choice about so just remember to factor in the extra services costs if any into the package so you know what your getting. For the vast majority of people its about servicing their car whilst the manufactures warranty is in place (normally 3, 5 or 7 years) and the good news is we can service it for you.

We only use OE quality parts (we can even use genuine parts if asked) and we follow the minimum manufactures guidelines so your warranty will be safe when your vehicle is serviced with us. Being a Bosch Car Service garage our technicians are trained to the latest industry standards at the Bosch training centers to ensure we have the expertise and skills to maintain your vehicle.

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More information can be found on the Bosch site – Bosch Car Service – Protecting your warranty