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Mercedes Full, Major & Interim Servicing

Is it time for your Mercedes to have it's manufacturer service or does your Mercedes simply need an annual service or TLC?

We offer a range of Mercedes services, both following the manufacture guidelines or the Bosch annual service routines.

What service does my Mercedes need?

Working out what servicing your Mercedes requires can seem a complicate minefield of service types. If your Mercedes is within it's warranty period then you will need to follow the suggest manufacturer guidelines to keep your Mercedes warranty intact. If however you are out of warranty we can also follow the Bosch service guidelines of Bronze (Minor), Silver (Major) and Gold (Full) services.

Interim Mercedes Service (Bronze)

The smallest service, also known as a Bronze, Basic or Oil service. These are normally for a low mileage car (sub 8000 miles) where criteria for other filters or additional checks can be postponed for another year. They are also great ways of keeping older cars running with some TLC.

Major Mercedes Service (Silver)

This is our most common service, also known as a Silver or Annual service. This consists of a detailed check over of your vehicle and as well as the oil, an extra filter is included e.g. Air or Pollen. Many customers will rotate the additional filter each year and is suited for people around the 10,000 per annum mark.

Full Mercedes Service (Gold)

A full service, often known as a Gold or Complete service covers all the filters and the spark plugs. Normally reserved to people on high mileage (15,000 or above) or those who just want peace of mind. 

Mercedes Manufacturer Service

A manufacturer service follows the guidelines for your Mercedes vehicle and will vary each year depending on mileage and age. This routine is the only option if your vehicle still has warranty, but is also a popular choice for many who wish to remain the upkeep of this routine.

How often should I service my Mercedes?

This can vary greatly depending on whether you are following a fixed or long-life service. Most vehicles, especially the newer Mercedes's will have a service indicator to show you when a service is due. 

If your Mercedes is outside of the warranty period we normally advise to have your service done every 12 months or 10,000 miles depending on whichever comes sooner.

How much will a Mercedes service be?

Servicing costs can vary greatly, but we normally use a ball park figure of £120+ for a bronze, £170+ for silver and £220+ for gold. If you want a quotation for your Mercedes service, then please use the estimate form on this page or give us a call.

Is my Mercedes warranty protected?

In short, Yes! As long as your Mercedes is being serviced according to the manufacturers guidelines, is still within original warranty terms and is done using genuine or OEM parts then your warranty will be ok. 

Back in 2002, European Parliament introduced a Block Exemption ruling that forcing a consumer to have their service done via authorised channels only was too restrictive and anti competitive. This allows independent workshops access to service routines and computer information so servicing can be carried out without any effect on your warranty.

We are able to stamp your service book, or update your digital service record at the same time to show evidence of your Mercedes service.

How do I book my Mercedes  service?

If you would like to book your service, simply fill in our 'request' form on this page and someone will provide a quote and book you in. Alternatively please give us a call or drop us an email to book in. 
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