Air Conditioning Service

July 6, 2017
Air Conditioning Service

An introduction to vehicle air conditioning

Air conditioning has become a standard fitment for most modern vehicles, not only does it keep your car cool in the summer it also assists in demisting the windscreen during the other months too.

What most people fail to realise is that the AC setup in your car has a variety of components that require servicing and attention to ensure smooth running and a long service life. It is advised to run your air conditioning for at least 10-15 minutes once a month, this will enable the oil within the refrigerant to flow and protect the seals on the connections and also stops any parts from seizing or getting stressed from being in one position.

Air Conditioning Issues

AC systems are prone to refrigerant loss (can be up to 8% per year) and bacterial build up in the vents which can cause nasty odours and even health hazards. There are also components which should be checked including the compressor, condenser, dryer and driving belts as well as all pipes and connections.

Qualifications to service Air Conditioning

Being a Bosch Service Centre we have fully trained and qualified air conditioning experts who can carry out a full service on your AC system, for most people this is done at the same time as their car service or just before the warm summer months begin.

Servicing an Air Con system

When servicing an air conditioning system the refrigerant is extracted, the whole system is visibly checked for damage or problems. We then leak test the system by holding it under pressure using a vacuum and only once we are happy the system is intact we will then add the refrigerant back including a leak detecting dye and test. On top of this the air pollen/heppa filter is replaced (depending on car model) and we run an air conditioning cleaner through all the vents to destroy any bacteria.
If your Air Conditioning isn’t working we can still help, whether you have a leak, faulty compressor or simply have lost refrigerant we will be able to assist and get you back functioning and cool in your car again.

Booking An Air Conditioning Service

To book your Air Conditioning Service today please give us a call on 01424 870 307