5 Top tips to keeping your car going longer

June 3, 2017
5 Top tips to keeping your car going longer

As a car owner there are a few areas whereby you can assist with keeping your car in good shape and running for as long as possible. Some of these may seem obvious but it is amazing how often they are overlooked! By keeping your car in good condition and staying on top of repairs you will be able to maximize the amount of time you have with your car.

Changing the filters, belts and fluids according to schedules

The filters on your car do an important job and ensuring that contaminents are kept clear of the engine’s important components. As we all know you should get your car serviced on a regular interval as per the guidelines set by the manufacture, however not everyone does this and it’s amazing how much damage can be done by a faulty filter.

  • Oil Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Pollen Filter
  • Fuel Filter

Tyre pressures and conditions

Everyone knows you should check your tyre pressure, but how many of us do? research would suggest that just 25% of car drivers actively check their tyre pressures, with some even admitting to ignoring the on-screen warnings from modern tyre pressure monitoring systems. By keeping your tyre pressures correct you will prolong the life of your Tyre’s and potentially stop further damage occuring, for example a low pressure tyre may come off the wheel and cause damage to the wheel. Whilst you are checking the pressures it’s always a good idea to check the tread, look for any bulges, tears, rips or exposed cords.

Fluids & Levels

Your car has a range of fluids and its always advised to check often and top up when needed, there will be some fluids which will require replacing or renewing and can be tested or replaced at time intervals. Below is a list of some of the fluids you should check

  • Oil
  • Gearbox Oil (you may need help on this)
  • Coolant
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Screenwash

Driving Style

Be a good driver, if you drive harshly you will cause more wear and tear on the engine, suspension, brakes etc. By being more considerate with your driving style and looking further ahead to allow time to react not only makes you a safer driver but it also puts less strain and effort on your car thus lengthening it’s life.

Keeping things clean

By keeping your car clean inside and out will stop various parts of the car from being hit with rust, fading colours, stains etc. A simple wash and spray on wax on the outside and a clean inside is all that’s required. In fact you can now buy a range of products that will leave a nice protective layer across the surface (plastics, dash, paint, wheels etc)

There you have it, 5 simple tips to help maintain and prolong the life of your car.Edit My Profile