Nextbase launch website for reporting dash cam footage

July 24, 2018
Nextbase launch website for reporting dash cam footage

Nextbase new website for dashcam footage

Dashcam manufacturer Nextbase has recently launched a new website portal known as National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDSP) which allows owners of dash cameras to upload footage of dangerous drivers and upload it to the appropriate police force for the area.

The service has been made to be quick and simple to use, dash camera owners simply zoom in to locate the footage source location on a map of England & Wales. This then selects the region the dangerous or anti social driving happened and sends you to the local police force website for that region so you can upload and submit the footage. By submitting your footage you are compiling an official police report which is treated seriously and every upload is investigated. It normally only takes 10-15 minutes to upload footage and footage of any offence can be uploaded to the portal.

Currently 19 out of 24 forces are signed up to the scheme and the remaining 24 are mostly in the process of beComing fully signed up too. All footage uploaded is kept on a secure, encrypted server meaning only you and the police force in question can see the footage. This is just another step in