Stay safe! Don't delay if you think your car has issues.

August 14, 2020
Stay safe! Don't delay if you think your car has issues.

If your car has symptoms get it checked, serviced or MOT'd

Given the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Government issued a 6-month MOT extension for vehicles with an expiry date after 30th March. This was a measure introduced to allow car owners breathing room whilst in a lockdown period making it easier to stay isolated and shield. As of 1st August this scheme has come to an end, any vehicle with an expiry date on or after the 1st August will need their MOT as normal.

If your vehicle was included in the extension period you will find that your expiry date has automatically been extended by 6 months however it is important that if you are using the vehicle it is kept in a road worthy condition. If there is any indication that there may be an issue with your vehicle then it needs to be checked out.

As an approved MOT test centre we regularly see vehicles through the MOT that fail on potentially serious defects and given that this year vehicles are seeing an additional 6 months before they are rechecked there is more potential for these to defects to be serious and possibly dangerous/life threatening.

Whether you have had the 6 month extension or not, if you experience anything different in your car such as different noises, handling, dash lights or behaviours then get it checked as soon as possible. Ignoring, or hoping these issues will go away can potentially lead to defects which can be a danger to life and should always be checked. We also find that most issues when caught early are often easier to repair and at a cheaper cost than when left untouched.

Below are some common areas which we often see overlooked or neglected on vehicles that only see a garage for the MOT

  1. Tyres - Bald, perishing, cords showing, wear on the edges, bulges, lumps, feathering.
  2. Lights - Check all lights are working (sidelights, headlights, brakes, rear taillights, indicators etc)
  3. Suspension - Knocks, bouncing, creaking noises.
  4. Brakes - Squealing, grinding noises, soft pedal.
  5. Smoke & Smells - Excessive smoking (black, white and/or blue) is a sign of a poor running engine.
  6. Vibrations - Poor running engine or faulty components cause vibrations.
  7. Noises - Knocks, bangs, squealing or grinding noises are signs of worn components.
  8. Warning Lights - Any warning light on the dash should be checked out.

If you have any doubts or questions you are welcome to pop in and have a chat, drop us a message or give us a call.

Examples of un-roadworthy cars

Firstly we have a Toyota Landcruiser, a prime example of what would of started as a knocking or noise from the rear but left unchecked has resulted in the rear trailing arm coming detached. This defect is dangerous and would cause the vehicle to handle poorly and most definitely would result in the vehicle losing control and crashing.


Secondly we have an Audi where the rear coil spring tip has snapped causing the spring to come unseated from the support cup. This would make the vehicle dangerous to drive with one corner of the vehicle sitting lower than the rest. Ultimately this is a dangerous fault and would of resulted in noise, uncharacteristic behaviour and poor handling.


These just go to show how important it is to get your car checked on the first sign of any pending problems and carrying out regular maintenance. By catching these problems early you remain safe on the road and potentially save yourself some money as most problems are cheaper to repair when caught early.

We carry out up to 11 MOT's a day and can normally book inspections and checks in within a few days notice. If you wish to book an MOT or a check please use the contact us page to get in touch or our online booking facility to secure your MOT slot.